Cardinal Parts and Equipment, LLC is a family owned and operated business. 

Cardinal Parts & Equipment

900 S. Hamilton St.

Sheridan, Indiana 46069

Cardinal is the preferred supplier of shot blasting equipment in the U.S. and abroad. From new and used equipment to replacement parts and abrasives, Cardinal is your one-stop shop for abrasive cleaning.

     We are dedicated to providing our customers with the service they deserve. We focus on easy-to-use machines and on-site installation, so our customers can maximize efficiency and profitability. 

     From small shops to large manufacturers, Cardinal has supplied equipment, parts, and abrasives across the United States. If you have questions regarding shot blasting equipment, abrasives, or other technical issues, Cardinal has extensive experience solving customer problems.  Please contact us at 317-647-2008, or, and we will be happy to assist in assessing the correct equipment for your needs, refurbishing your existing equipment, or with technical questions, abrasives or parts.

1.5BB Tumble Blast

Built in Sheridan, Indiana

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