Gibson 48 Table Blast

Below you’ll find all of our available used shot blast equipment for sale. We carry brands such as Gibson, Goff, Viking, Torit, Wheelabrator, Pangborn, and Bronco. Additionally, whether you’re looking for a dust collector, tumble blast machine, or something else, we’re certain to have exactly what you have been searching for. By checking out our inventory of used shot blast equipment for sale, you’re sure to notice the quality and the variety of our machines right away.

If you’re interested in purchasing used shot blast equipment, be sure to inquire with Curtis Gibson. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about machine pricing and availability.  

Wheelabrator WMT84  84" Table Blaster

Goff Hydraulic Loader

Goff 6bb Tumble Blast

Bronco 6BB Tumble Blast

Gibson 6bb Tumble Blast

Gibson 1.5BB Tumble Blast with air wash separator 

Contact Curtis Gibson for more info:                      317-647-2008

Goff 72" Table Blaster to be sold rebuilt

Pangborn 3GN, Integrated Dust Collector,

Loader, Shaker Conveyor

Gibson 916 Dust Collector (#1)

Wheelabrator WMT60

Torit 84 Dust Collector

Viking Cylinder Blaster with Cylinder Loader

Goff Shot Trap 10-inch

Contact  Curtis Gibson  for price & availability

Cell:   317-966-4237              Office:  317-647-2008


     Goff 1224 Spinner Hanger

Torit TD486 Dust Collector

Gibson 616-2-3 Dust Collector

Goff 12BB Tumble Blast

Viking 3BB Tumble Blast


Torit TD650 Dust Collector

Gibson 916 Dust Collector (#2)

Torit 80 Dust Collector